These days when a young couple says “I do” it may mean they don’t have the everyday items that shared housing and cohabitation accumulates. If you’re attending a wedding of this kind in the foreseeable future, we’ve compiled a list of personalized gift ideas that every young couple will love.

Age-old trends
The average age of a bride in the USA today is 27 years, with the average groom only slighter older at 29 years ( This is a huge jump from 1990, when the average marrying age across the nation was 23 years for women and 26 years for men. Obviously these age medians vary from state to state, but safe to say if you are attending a wedding of a couple aged in their mid-20s or below, they can officially be classified as ‘younger than your average newlyweds.’

Essential items
Younger couples on the wedding circuit may not have had the time and/or circumstance to gather common household items. For a modern twist on a classic cohabitation favorite, the traditional chopping and cheese board can now be personalized to offer a refreshingly unique yet practical gift to younger couples tying the knot.

Depending on the personality and practical needs of the young couple, you may consider the Engraved Deluxe Square Chopping Board as an enduring gift of sentiment and substance. The Engraved Deluxe Rectangle Chopping Board also presents an attractive gift option, depending on the couple’s personal style and preferences. With both made from handsome Acadia wood and engraved to feature personal details, this the ultimate wedding gift for every young couple does make.

Young Wedding Couple

Classic twists

For a classic twist on the conventional serving platter, young couples will love the Engraved Wooden Paddle Serving Platter featuring their personal names, customized artwork and your selected message. For an even cheekier twist, the Limited Edition Engraved Wooden Serving Board features cheese-inspired lyrics to the tune of Eurythmic’s anthem, Sweet Dreams.

A cellar collection
Couples setting up their lives together will appreciate the decadence of such items including an Engraved Rosewood Stained Wine Box Set. Featuring a satin-lined box wine box that also houses a complete wine tool-set including an aerator, waiter’s corkscrew, cork saver and wine stopper, this sophisticated gift is an ideal addition to kick-start any young couple’s cellar collection.

For a natural take on this inspired gift, the Natural Engraved Wooden Wine Wedding Box is also a customized favorite for any young couple.

Serving selections

Everyday items are a big hit with couples starting their lives together. Make your everyday gift even more special by personalizing it for the couple in question, such as a pair of Engraved Salad Servers to add to their kitchen repertoire.

Or if you get in early, an Engraved Diamante Cake Serving Set or even the Engraved Crystal Cake Serving Set are classic and classy gifts that can be given before the wedding – as they look phenomenal in the cake-cutting photos and offer a personalized piece a young couple can use for years to come.

Young at heart

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By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

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