We love this time of year. Love is in the air, everyone is winding down from a big year at work, and the general consensus is that folks are ready for a big knees-up party. Read on to find out if a Christmas Day wedding could be everything you’ve ho-ho-hoped for.

Thinking of getting married at the most festive time of the year? You’re not alone – well, certainly not historically. In the UK during the 18th and 19th centuries, Christmas Day was a very popular date for weddings, with churches holding specialty nuptials every 25 December.

Festive Wedding

While this may seem like a romantic choice, it was usually more of a necessity – according to findmypast.co.uk, Christmas and Boxing Day weddings occurred predominantly because it was the only day young, working-class couples could ensure they were allowed off work.

In many large cities like London, churches often offered free weddings and baptisms on Christmas Day, making it a cost-effective option, too.

Thankfully, we don’t have these kinds of restraints anymore, and for the most part, we can just request whatever day off work we fancy and plan the wedding of our dreams. 

Christmas Wedding Ideas

But does this mean we should eschew the Christmas Day fairy-tale marriage altogether? We don’t think so. Here are some of the best reasons to get married on 25 December. 

  1. 1.    It’s already a day for sharing with your nearest and dearest

 Pretty much everyone plans to take it easy on Christmas Day and spend their time unwinding and (over)eating with those they love. Chances are they won’t be on an overseas holiday or putting in extra hours at the office, so why not throw another happy event in the mix, too?

Have your ceremony at lunchtime and follow it up with a big Christmas dinner with the whole family – it’s a great opportunity for you and your spouse’s families to come together, and everyone will already be planning on cooking up a storm.

This is a great excuse for one big party, so make sure the food is plentiful and the drinks are flowing, and you’ll have a night to remember (even if it’s a bit hazy). Just remember to hand out some fun Christmas printed hangover kits as wedding favors for your friends and family to help everyone battle through Boxing Day.

 Printed Xmas Hangover Kits

  1. 2.    You’ve got the perfect excuse to count your pennies

Let’s face it: Christmas Day is not the most popular time to get married, but this could be your saving grace. Many venues will offer you a reduced rate for venue hire, as they weren’t planning to have any events around this time of year already. Make sure you ask for the best deals out there.

While many of your preferred suppliers might be taking the Christmas break off, this is actually a good excuse to try a bit of DIY. Everything will be all the more special, and your guests will love to see the personal touches throughout your wedding celebrations.

Plus, without the high costs of items like floral bouquets, you can afford to spend money on the things you really care about, like a memento for your guests.

Make it a fun, affordable Christmas themed gift that also doubles as something useful during the reception, like these Engraved Silver Mini Hip Flask Key Rings that can be designed to feature individual guest names and special wedding details.

Mini Hip Flasks  

  1. 3.    It will be a day to remember

 Most couples just don’t consider this time of year for their big day, so what a wonderful surprise it will be for your friends and family. There will be no excuse for forgetting your wedding anniversary, that’s for sure!

For a personal thank you for your guests they’ll use again and again, create a Wooden Engraved Laser Cut Bookmark which will remind guests of your special day every time they turn the page.

 Wooden Engraved Bookmark

  1. 4.    You choose the season

 Whether you’re looking to honor the seasonal Christmas festivities or go all out with a dreamy White Wedding, the choice is yours with a Christmas-themed day.

If you’re hoping to be a winter prince and princess, you can go all-out with a white, red and green theme, twinkling fairylights, appropriate Christmas decorations, a roast dinner and warming cider. 

Whatever theme you choose, you can cover Christmas gifts and guest favors with an Engraved Wedding Photo Frame . Select individual pics of your family and friends, as a reminder of the wonderful day you all spent together.

Engraved photo frame

Find everything you’ll need to host a holly, jolly Christmas wedding 

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Merry Christmas!

Team PF. X