As the last leaves fall from the branches and the naked trees stretch their gloriously bare limbs toward a silver sky, who could think of a more romantic season to be married? Winter weddings are known for their ethereal elegance and sophisticated grace. We take a look some unique winter wedding favors that perfectly complement the frosted festivities this season.

A cold color palette
A popular color palette for weddings in the cooler months is a range of whites and creams, with silver highlights and metallic accents. Think all that shimmers and glitters; just like a vista of freshly fallen snow. 

From bold, white wedding table numbers to denote guest seating, to wholesome bunches of decadent cream and white roses, winter weddings take inspiration from their seasonal surrounds to offer a truly surreal scene. Unique winter wedding favors can be used to add the final details to this breathtaking backdrop.

Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Bottle opener wedding favors are a favorite for guests, no matter what the season. Fun and functional, they can be customized with quality engraving to create a personal wedding keepsake and are a practical item that many guests will use frequently in the future.

For winter weddings, silver and brushed metal pieces including: the engraved credit card bottle opener wedding favor or the engraved bar blade bottle opener wedding favor are sharp and stylish details that guests will love.  For a more romantic twist, try the engraved heart key-ring bottle opener.

Initial Wedding Cut SignWinter BridemaidsBirdcage tealight Holder

Wooden Wedding Favors

Wood features heavily at winter weddings; from bare branch table centerpieces to working fireplaces, wood is often a key element in winter wedding décor. Some of our most sought-after wooden winter wedding favors include: the key bottle opener with wooden wedding gift tag, or use the birdcage tealight holder with wooden gift tag to create a warm glow throughout your celebrations.

Silver Wedding Favors

Did someone say frosting? Silver is to winter weddings like peaches is to cream — a perfect match. Silver wedding favors add the perfect element of glamor and shine to your winter wedding celebrations, and none more so than the personalized diamante photo frame wedding favor. With top and bottom frame bands intricately styled with diamante chips to accent your personalized artwork, event details and message, this customized piece is the ultimate winter wedding favor.

Favor Koozies

Winter cocktails and warmed beverages are a favorite of the winter wedding set. These seasonal celebrations will often serve up eggnog, mulled wine or warmed espresso martinis to put the fire in your belly on a cold night.

Keep guests’ fingers from burning and their drinks hot by serving them up in customized wedding favor koozies that feature your choice of personalized artwork, color and script. These unique wedding favors work both ways. If you’re serving up cold drinks, keep guests’ fingers from frostbite on a cold winter’s night!

Diamante Photo FrameWinter Wedding CoupleWedding Koozie

A winter wonderland
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By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

Images Sourced From Pinterest and Personalized Favors