It’s that time of year again…when the nights are cool and the leaves are golden. Yep, fall has arrived! And to celebrate, we share with you one of our most popular wedding posts to reminisce on why fall is our favorite wedding season...

According to popular wedding advisory, fall is fast becoming the favorite season for weddings across the US, edging summer from its long-held top spot.


And we can see why -- the crisp air, striking colors and rustic edge are just some of the reasons we are all falling for fall weddings. Here we share with you what we love most about marrying in the fall: 

  1. 1.    Romance

The sensual colors and casual coziness make fall one of the most romantic times of the year. Warm days and crisp nights make this the perfect season to cuddle up with your dearly beloved when the sun goes down.

The epitome of rustic romance, an engraved wooden ring box with velvet lining is the ideal addition for a fall wedding celebration.

wooden ring box

  1. 2.    Foliage

Fall foliage makes for amazing photographs. Gold and red hues interweave perfectly with striking fall foliage that can be utilized across all elements of your wedding celebrations. Also renowned for pumpkin and apple décor, fall weddings allow you to get playful with these festive details. 

Combine festive fall details with wrapped goodies for your guests in mini hessian burlaps with wooden gift tags -  flawless table details for a fall wedding.

hessian bags

  1. 3.    Rich color palette
    Bask your wedding in a golden glow, with the rich color palette offered to fall celebrations. From regal reds to burnt oranges, radiant yellows to deep chocolate tans…Not to mention metallics! Fall weddings lend themselves to the distinctive colors of the season – providing the perfect backdrop for your nuptial celebrations.

Gold engraved acrylic wedding placecards light the way for your guests to find their place in your nuptial festivities.

royal placecards

  1. 4.    Welcome weather
    Fall’s milder weather conditions make for a more comfortable wedding season. Forget sweating off your wedding makeup before the celebrations have begun, or covering up to keep the chill at bay. Fall offers a temperate climate to take your vows – which both the happy couple and their guests will appreciate.

As well as buttercream that won’t melt, another bonus of a fall wedding is announcing your happy ending with a wooden Happily Ever After cake topper.

wooden cake topper

  1. 5.    Great for guests

Leave the hectic social schedule of the summer behind, and avoid the high costs of the winter holiday season – a fall wedding celebration gives guests a chance to catch their breath and often means accommodation is less expensive, if there is travel involved.

Share in the joy of the season by giving your guests an engraved wooden bracelet – a wedding wish – a keepsake from your celebrations and a memory they can treasure.

wishing brac

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