Setting the scene

Wedding invites set the tone for your wedding and give guests an idea about the style and feeling you want to evoke for your upcoming nuptials. For example, the perfect prelude to a country, beach or rustic outdoor wedding, is a beautifully engraved wooden wedding invitation.

Signalling both style and substance to your guests, wooden engraved wedding invites can be large or small, portrait or landscape, feature a variety of original font and artwork options, along with personalised messages and individual guest names.

Wooden Puzzle Wedding Invitation LargeWooden Puzzle Wedding Invitation HorizontalWooden Puzzle Wedding Invitation Small


Feeling the love

While it may be tempting to design wedding invites from an online template, this means every guest receives a standard invitation which doesn’t reflect the personality of the bride and groom as a couple, or the uniqueness of your special day. Another buyer beware about cheap online invites is the probability of duplication. Receiving the same invite to two completely different weddings is careless on behalf of the bride and groom and also a little confusing.

Engraving your wedding invites allows you to personalise each and every one, making every individual guest feel special. It shows thought and care and expresses that you value the presence of each guest enough to put in the extra effort.

Team with the theme

Setting the scene with a wooden engraved wedding invitation allows you continue this purposeful theme throughout the rest of your big day. In addition to engraved wedding invites, Personalized Favors offers a range of quality products made from impressive Alder wood that can feature throughout the course of your wedding celebrations.

A perfect fit

One of our favourite twists on the engraving trend is the Engraved Wooden Wedding Puzzle. Demonstrating that the bride and groom are a perfect fit, this unique Save-The-Date, Wedding Invite and Keepsake invites friends and family into the fun and frivolity of your wedding celebrations by initially sending out one puzzle piece as the Save-The-Date, then completing the jigsaw with the official invitation down the track. 

Wooden Puzzle Wedding InvitationWooden Wedding Invitation Limited EditionWooden Wedding Save the Date


Standing the test of time

Engraving your invites shows durability. Not to be thrown out with the trash the second the happy couple has tied the knot, an engraved wooden wedding invitation becomes a memento or keepsake for bridal party members, family and friends to remember the love and laughter of your main event.

Engraved wooden wedding invitations are durable and long lasting – just like you want your marriage to be.

The first impression

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so impress your guests with engraved wedding invites and other details from

Wedding Party

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By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

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