Wedding favors are a gesture of appreciation from the bride and groom to their guests for sharing in this most special of occasions with them. Many wedding favors have practical application in the world beyond the wedding; think bottle openers, coasters, key rings or koozies, and many guests like to keep their wedding favor as a memento of the happy event.

The evolution of wedding favors

The practice of providing wedding favors is steeped in tradition. According to popular wedding folklore, the first wedding favor was popularized by European aristocrats and was commonly known as a bonbonniere. This original wedding guest gift was a small box made of expensive materials and precious stones. The contents of the box were mainly cubes of sugar or other confectionery. As sugar was scarce during these times, bonbonnieres were a symbol of wealth and nobility.

As sugar became more widely available, the practice of offering bonbonnieres to wedding guests became widespread. Over time, sweet treats were replaced with almonds or sugared almonds and in some cultures this practice still continues today. The presentation of five almonds in an elegant assortment is said to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

KoozieWooden Handle Bottle OpenerHeart Keyring Bottle Opener


Modern day favors – a personal touch

Today, wedding favors are a popular tradition at most modern day nuptials, particularly across North America. While some still prefer the traditional sweet treats and almond assortments, many couples are choosing gifts for their guests representative of their own unique individuality and personal flair.

Favors can be designed to complement the season, wedding theme, location or venue. These days, many couples choose to personalize each gift with a guest name, which also acts as a place setting to help every guest locate their allocated seat at the reception.

Favors can also be personalized with details of the wedding, including the names of the bride and groom, date and even location of the nuptials to provide an authentic keepsake of the special day.

Some of our favorite favors

From the whacky to the wonderful, wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes. There is such a wide array of wedding favors available today, everyone can find a perfect fit. Some of our favorite favors include:

Printed Golf BallEngraved Wedding PenDiamante Photo Frame 

What’s your favorite favor?

For more great favor ideas to suit every wedding style, taste and budget visit: 

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By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

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