There’s nothing that will pop your engagement buzz than the realisation that your dream wedding and your wedding budget are not in fact aligned. Or even really remotely in the same universe.

Weddings can be costly and most of the time you end up spending more than you budgeted for. According to business information analysts IBISWorld, the average cost of a wedding is $36,200 with 6% of couples blowing their budget for their special day. What we seem to forget is that an unforgettable wedding need not be remembered by the size of the bill.

So, before you give up your dreams altogether (or threaten elopement), let’s look at some ways you can save when planning your big day.

Wedding costs


Whatever theme you go for, your wedding budget may ultimately influence your decision, as most wedding bands don’t come cheap (think starting price of $2000+).

Whether it be a band, soloist, jukebox or DJ, be sure they offer a smorgasbord of songs to suit each phase of your nuptials. Most weddings follow the format of more relaxed background music following the ceremony, working their way up to a party peak on the dance floor after the formalities have finished, if this is what you’re after.


Stock the Bar yourself or limit the drink choices your guests have. Think Beer and Wine only.


The size of your guest list will greatly affect your wedding budget, where you can hold your wedding at and the entire feel of your special day.

Most likely, you, your fiancé, and both your families will be contributing names to the guest list, and each party will have his or her own ideas about who is necessary and who can be eliminated. To keep the budget in line, try our list-cutting strategy: The Wedding Guest List Manager

Wedding Guest List Guide


Shop online for your Wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses and save big! is a highly respectable online wedding dress site that is home to 1000s of pre-loved and worn designer wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress


Don’t splurge on chairs for all your wedding guests at your ceremony. Opt for a standing wedding ceremony for most of your guests. Of-course have seats available for those who need them.


Don’t have separate wedding programs and menus for all your guests. Save a few dollars by printing one large wedding program, seating chart and have one menu per table.

Wedding Placecard


No need for a tier upon tier wedding cake these days. A popular wedding trend currently circulating is small 1 tier wedding cakes. They are cheaper, make for great photos and are a perfect amount of cake to share with your immediate family.

Your guests will unlikely be interested in eating wedding cake whilst drinking wine and beer.


Buying online can be a great way to hunt down small treasures to complement your day or better still, DIY. Both online and DIY wedding ideas can also be a great way to save dollars.
Create your own Wedding Signs, order affordable wedding favours and stationary online. Getting crafty adds a unique and personal touch to your big day no matter the size and scale of your event.

Wedding Stationery


Less floral and less table decorations can be sometimes better. Your guests will enjoy the space and simplicity, allowing more room for filling out those Wedding Advice Coasters!

From large wedding ambitions to a low key intimate backyard wedding, setting wedding setting a budget is important when preparing for your big day.

By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

Images Sourced From Pinterest and Personalized Favors