A frequently asked question here at Personalized Favors is ‘How can I mail my invitations or save the dates so they arrive in perfect condition?’ This is a great question. A lot of time, hard work and money gets invested into making your invites and save the dates perfect, and it is so heart breaking if they get damaged in transit!

Dispatching hundreds of orders daily, we know the best ways to reduce the risk of damaged and lost envelopes! Please see our below suggestions for sending your Invitations/Save the dates.

Padded Envelopes

For all our invitations, whether they be made from wood or acrylic, we highly recommend sending in a padded envelope. You can leave your original envelops inside so when your guest’s receive the invite it will be in perfect condition! EBay and Amazon are great places to purchase inexpensive padded envelopes or you can purchase these over the counter at your neighbourhood post office.

Padded Envelope

Hand Cancelling

By using hand cancelling you are taking away the risk of your invitation being damaged by machinery. This is done at your local post office and is a process where by a person checks that you have paid the correct freight rather than a machine. We suggest NEVER posting your envelopes in a post box, these will be sorted and cancelled by machinery, leading to a higher risk of damage!

Hand Sorting

Hand sorting is not always carried out at every post office – It is best to make a phone call and see if possible before making the trip. If your local post office does not offer this service you can always try the next one nearby. Hand sorting eliminates any use of machinery where your envelopes are processed the entire way by hand. This is also a great way to reduce any lost envelopes.  You may have to pay a little extra for this service however it has large benefits.

Sending your invitations and Save the Dates Early

A great start is checking how long postage takes to get to your guests locations. It is always safer to send them earlier rather than later. I recommend sending your invites out at least 6 weeks prior to your big day.
** Please note that USPS is unfortunately not always on time**


Invite yourself!

One of our most helpful steps is sending yourself an invitation. This way you can see what your envelope will look like after going through the postal system. If your envelope is not supportive enough you will be able to change it before sending to each guest.

ALWAYS include a return to sender address

As you know, unfortunately not all envelopes make it to their intended recipient. If this was to happen the post will be redirected back to the sender. If a return address is not specified the envelope will go to a warehouse where they become untraceable or destroyed – This is why adding your return address is extremely important.

Making sure your envelope is sealed correctly

Unfortunately a beautiful sticker to close your envelope is generally not sturdy enough and increases the risk of lost or damaged invites! Completely sealing your envelop is the best way to help prevent any damage. You can always dress the envelope up with a sticker once sealed! 

 Wooden Engraved Invitations

As helpful as our above suggestions are we still have envelopes arrive in a poor condition or lost all together. As disappointing as it is, this is unfortunately the awesome world of USPS.

In my experience USPS will always deny any responsibility for loss or damage that occurs, so if at all possible hand delivering your invitations is the preferred method.

If you have any questions regarding posting your invites or save the dates, whether they have been purchased from Personalized Favors or not, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. Alternatively if you have any suggestions on how to send out invitations please let us know and we will add your suggestion to the above resource.



By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

Images Sourced From Pinterest and Personalized Favors