Before you book the booze cruise and set up the shot glasses, check out these tips to ensure your Bachelorette bash is the best one of her life.

Being asked by the bride-to-be to plan her all-important Bachelorette party is a pretty big deal. After all, she’ll be surrounded by some of her closest girlfriends and family members, and you want to make it a night for everyone to remember… for all the right reasons.

From budgeting to bridal gifts, this ‘how to’ guide will make sure your bride-to-be is the happiest Bachelorette on the block.

Hens night

Set up her last-ever big date

It seems obvious, but the first thing you’ll need to do is pick a date for the event. Be sure to give people plenty of notice, as it can be hard to find a day that will work for everyone. Of course, this is all about the bride - so put her needs first.

Don’t be the kind of bride tribe that parties ‘til the wee hours on the night before the wedding – give yourself plenty of recovery time, as hungover wedding pics will make you look as good (read: terrible) as you feel.  

For a personalized touch, send a themed gift out to the guests as a save-the-date: try a wooden save-the-date keyring for an option that’s fun and functional, or keep it light-hearted with a fun hangover preparedness kit

Hangover Kit

Check in with the group  

A Bachelorette celebration is a really personal thing – some brides will be looking forward to a blow-out bash where they can really let their hair down, while others would prefer a quieter affair that they can invite their mums, aunts and grandmothers to.

The easiest way to avoid getting it wrong is to simply ask the bride about her preferences. If she wants it all to be a surprise, try getting in touch with her best friends, sisters, or even her groom-to-be to see if she’s dropped any hints.

In the same vein, you might want to try a mixture of mini-events as part of the big day, so that everyone can choose to attend the activities that will suit them best. Obviously, Great Aunt Nora might prefer to give the strippers a miss… or hey, maybe she’ll be the life of the party?!

The point is, you don’t know how people will feel or what they’ll feel comfortable with, so send out your small list of activities – as well as the costs associated – and let each individual take their pick.

Don’t melt the plastic

Make a budget and stick to it! Be up-front and transparent with your guests about the costs they’re facing and remember that everyone has a different budget. In the same way, don’t try to splash your own cash to give your Bachelorette the day or night of her dreams. It’s not worth going into debt over, and a more expensive event doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll have a better time.

Keep costs down by buying fun, novelty gifts in bulk, and ensure they’re something your guests will reuse time and time again – like these engraved bar blade bottle openers or engraved mini hip flasks which can be used on the night and reused at home to relive the fun memories.

Engraved Barmate

Keep up the chat

Decide how you’re going to keep in touch with your guests, but don’t bombard them with information. You might like to create a Facebook group where you can post all the latest details. This will also be a great place for any newbie members to get to know the wider group beforehand, which makes for less awkward small talk once they arrive.


Pitch in for a memorable gift

Lastly, you want to make sure your bride-to-be remembers this as one of her best nights out ever.

Set aside some cash from your guests for a personalized gift from all of you, like a printed wooden wine box containing a tipple they can drink on their honeymoon, or a deluxe engraved cheese board they’ll use when entertaining as a new husband and wife.

This gift will be something she can treasure long after the confetti and cocktails are gone.

 Deluxe Cheese Board

Create unforgettable, personalized favors to make your Bachelorette party a hit

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