With Father’s Day in Australia fast approaching, we thought it only appropriate to share the story of our Managing Director and PF Dad, Matthew-Mosse Robinson, as we embark on a quest to find him the perfect Father’s Day gift.

From banking to bonbonnieres
Leaving a high-flying career in corporate banking to become Joint Managing Director of a personalized wedding favors and special occasion online store is an unusual choice for most 30-something dads.

But this is exactly what MD Matthew Mosse-Robinson did back in 2013. And he’s never looked back. Joining forces with sister-in-law and PF Founder Melissa Wilkinson, together they have transformed the company from a backyard operation into a multimillion dollar international enterprise, dispatching 3000 orders across Australasia and the US every month.

mel and matt

As the token male staff member and honorary ‘Office Dad’ we ask the all-important question: what do we get our MD for Father’s Day?

Online overhaul
Matt’s technical prowess and ability to embrace new technologies has taken Personalized Favors and its Australian flagship brand Personalised Favours from strength to strength. His first major project in joining PF was directing the development of a new company website, incorporating the latest e-commerce software. This endeavor saw sales growth double – a testament to Matt’s hard work and innovative thinking in the online space.

Dad with a difference
One of the main reasons Matt made the leap to leave the cutthroat world of corporate banking was due to the fact he wanted to spend more time with his young family.

This decision saw him relocating his family to the scenic Central Coast in regional NSW, where PF headquarters operates from an 1800m² warehouse – incorporating the design, production and dispatch of all PF products under the one roof.

CX expert
Matt has a passion for offering customers the best possible online experience by continually embracing technical innovations to improve CX across all PF channels. In his quest for continual improvement, Matt began research into technology solutions that would streamline and further personalize the customer order and purchasing process.

Given that PF offers complete flexibility and customization on all product designs, there was no solution available that could satisfactorily incorporate such a broad scope of work. So, he decided to build his own. The end result was a completely innovative technology solution built from scratch to deliver a more personal, efficient and user-friendly experience for every individual customer.

A need for speed
Matt’s passion for Formula One and his ultimate claim to fame of being named NSW Endurance Go-Karting Champion are a driving force (pardon the pun) behind his obsession with living a full and fast-paced life. You can tell he likes to be in the driver’s seat! #dadjoke


An ideal Father’s Day gift
And all of sudden it became perfectly clear. We realized the ideal Father’s Day gift for our favorite PF Dad was one that came from the heart and was given to him by one of his favorite people. Because after all, the best gifts are always personalized.


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Team PF. X