Finding the right words to express to your bride or groom as you stand beside one another on your wedding day can be a difficult task. How do you sincerely articulate your unique love and admiration and express your desire to stand by their side for all eternity?

Here we show you the significance of wedding vows and help you understand how to find the right words for your wedding day.


What is a wedding vow?

The definition of vow (noun) is a solemn promise or a sworn oath, pledge or bond. As a verb, vow means you solemnly promise to do a specific thing.

Your wedding vows highlight the most important elements of your relationship to one another and the things you promise to do throughout your married lives together.

And while marriage vows aren’t a legally-binding part of a wedding ceremony, they are an important traditional element of the marriage ritual.


Do wedding vows have to be the same?

The answer to this question is not at all.  Many couples each write their own individual vows and surprise their spouse-to-be with their heartfelt words on the day of their wedding.

There are also a few different options in the way you deliver your wedding vows. You have the choice to: 1. Speak your vows yourself. 2. Repeat them after your celebrant, priest or officiant. 3. Answer “I do” in response to questions asked by your officiant.  

Most couples choose one of these options and while their vows may be different, their delivery format is usually the same.


Personal wedding vows

Increasingly, couples are writing their own wedding vows to characterize the unique and special nature of their relationship.

They are also discovering fun and creative ways to share these beautiful words of love and dedication with their guests and keep them as a long-lasting memento of their special day.

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Funny wedding vows

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake.” Or “I promise to always…put the toilet seat down/take out the trash/let you hold the remote…”

Inject some humor into your solemn promises by intertwining the key elements of your everyday lives with the more serious aspects of commitment and devotion. Humor often helps your vows be more memorable and a highlight of your wedding ceremony for your guests and spouse (especially if it’s a surprise).

Funny or humorous wedding vows can also work especially well for grooms not used to expressing their emotion in such a public forum.

Traditional wedding vows

If you’re going with a traditional wedding vibe, sticking with a traditional wedding vow script can be a beautiful, meaningful part of your wedding celebrations. You can even use the majority of a traditional script, making a few minor tweaks to insert your own special touch.

quote vows

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Make your vows a wedding centerpiece


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