Top 5 Easter wedding tips

Back by popular demand, we again share with you our top five tips for planning an eggs-ceptional Easter wedding celebration.

For people around the world, Easter represents a time of new life and new beginnings —making it the ideal occasion for many couples to take the plunge down the aisle.

From chocolate to churches and everything between; we share our top five tips for planning your perfect Easter wedding.

  1. 1.    Eggs-cellent
    One of the best parts about an Easter wedding is of course, Easter eggs! You can incorporate these tasty and aesthetically-pleasing treats into almost all elements of your Easter nuptials including: table centerpieces, floral arrangements, guest favors or dessert bars. Combine Easter eggs and wedding cake for a truly show-stopping feature.
    Pandora Setting
  2. 2.    A pastel palette
    The pastel hues of an Easter celebration lend themselves beautifully to a wedding color scheme, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the bonbonnieres. Mint greens, dusky pinks, lemon yellows and hazy oranges combine to form a picturesque backdrop for a vintage or garden event.

 Pastel Setting

  1. 3.    Holiday celebrations
    A major bonus of Easter nuptials is the fact that it falls on a holiday weekend —meaning you can create an entire itinerary of wedding fun — or just enjoy an extended recovery period. If guests are travelling it is ideal, as they can spend a longer time at the destination and don’t have to take as much time off work to attend.


But beware to book your venues well in advance, as Easter is a traditionally busy time across the hospitality sector—and be aware that prices for venues and guest accommodation may go up to cover holiday costs.


Also, be sure to send your Save-The-Dates out super early, as the Easter holiday period is a popular time to plan a getaway.

 Double Lemon

  1. 4.    Chocolate, chocolate (and more chocolate!)

Did we mention chocolate?! Succumb to the decadence and hedonism an Easter celebration entails, by weaving chocolate throughout your festivities. Think double-mud wedding cake, chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert, creamy chocolate liqueurs, or personalized chocolate bars for guest favors. When it comes to chocolate: too much is never enough.

 Chocolate Fun

  1. 5.    Restrictions

While the highlights of an Easter wedding are numerous, make sure you are also informed about the restrictions. Easter is an exceptionally busy time for many churches and priests and some religions don’t allow weddings during this period. If you’ve got your heart set on a church wedding, best to do your research or plan another date.


If a large number of your guests are religious, you may also need to consider whether they are planning on attending traditional services and how this impacts on your celebrations.

Easter is overwhelmingly a time of joy. If this resonates with you and you pay attention to the detail, there is no better time to begin your married life.

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