Dads play an important role in the life of their little girl. Protector, provider and in many cases a role model for the man you will one day marry. There is often not a more pinnacle event in a father-daughter relationship than when your Dad walks you down the aisle.


So, we thought we’d share with you nine of the best ways to involve your Dad on your wedding day and make him a special part of your ‘I Do’ celebrations.

1. Involve him in the planning
The key to involving dad in your wedding planning is to play to his strengths. Think about what he’s good at and interested in – let him be your financial planner, wedding website developer, venue critic or use his contacts to source you the best photographer/caterer/florist he can find.

dad moment

2. Request he manage the relatives
This may be a job for both your mom and dad, but managing the requests and demands of family members – particularly on their side of the gene pool – is a good way to free you up to focus on the important stuff.

dad daughter

3. Let him walk you down the aisle

Often thought to be one of the most touching parts of any wedding ceremony is when a father literally gives his daughter away to her husband-to-be. These days it’s becoming popular for both mom and dad to walk the bride down the aisle – even if it’s just for dad to have a shoulder to cry on once the deed is done.

4. Incorporate Dad-inspired details into your wedding celebrations
Does dad have a favorite dish, song, dance move or something of sentimental value that can be incorporated into your wedding celebrations? Keeping it a surprise for dad on your big day will make it all the more special.

5. Honor family traditions
You and your dad may have different ideas about your ideal wedding, however if there are some family traditions that are extra-special to him, attempt to incorporate variations of one or more of these as a nod to his traditions or heritage.

6. Ask him to say a few words

The speech or wedding toast is sometimes the most vital role a father will play on his daughter’s wedding day. Depending on his public speaking skills, you may want to make it a simple toast or a full speech.

dad speaking

7. Allow him to play host at the reception

A father of the bride can help out the happy couple during the event by making sure everything is running smoothly: greeting, thanking and saying farewell to guests, and ensuring everything is going according to plan.

8. Perform a Father-Daughter Dance
A popular item on many wedding agendas, a Father-Daughter dance is a traditional wedding element specifically focusing on this unique relationship. Make it funky and fun or sentimental and sweet, depending on your preference.

father daughter dance

9. Share a special moment with your dad on your wedding day
Among the hustle and bustle of wedding festivities, it can be easy to overlook the people who matter most. Make sure you take the time to give your dad a hug, say thank you or tell him you love him – it’s a moment he’ll treasure forever.

dad moment

Celebrating Dads
Whatever you decide is the perfect role for your Dad on your wedding day, remember his greatest joy will be seeing you happy and fulfilled as you begin this next chapter of your life.

And once dad is sorted, you can find every other detail to make your wedding day amazing at