From the first three-day feast between the pilgrims and the Native Americans in the Fall of 1621, Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to come together with your nearest and dearest and express gratitude for all that is good in your world.

But how do we stop the commercial forces turning this time-honored tradition into a typical Hallmark holiday? We look at how including personal touches throughout your Thanksgiving holiday plans can create a more meaningful occasion and embed new traditions for future generations to follow.

Personalized thanksgiving

Giving Thanks

Often attendees have journeyed long distances to be with friends and family for this special holiday, so many are tired and travel-weary by the time they arrive.

So instead of putting individuals on-the-spot around the Thanksgiving table, demanding they articulate their appreciation before they can tuck into some turkey, we recommend you ask everyone attending your celebrations to submit their messages of thanks in writing beforehand.

This way, there will be a more considered approach and the true meaning of Thanksgiving will not be lost amid tiredness, tantrums and turkey. You can also turn this into a focal Thanksgiving activity, asking attendees to draw submissions at random from a customized wooden box with velvet lining or a printed wooden wine box and read aloud, with others trying to guess who each message of thanks belongs to.

 Stained Wooden Wine Box

Family Feasting 

Coming together to share a meal is undoubtedly central to many Thanksgiving celebrations. But you don’t have to put on a 5-star spread for your Thanksgiving feast to be a success.

Similar to your activities and traditions, including humble, home-cooked dishes that have been a staple of your family menu is just as enjoyable for many (not to mention a great trip down memory lane), as bending over backwards to create a gastronomic smorgasboard to try and impress your guests.

Personalize your family feasting with intimate details including table decorations such as customized birdcage tealight candle holders with individual wooden tags, which can be individually named so each guests can take a treasured memento from the celebrations home with them.

 Birdcage Tealight Holder

Other cute guest favors include wooden heart gift tags, rustic key bottle openers, wooden placecards, or mandala coasters.

You could also use customized cheese and chopping boards to present and share food on, engraved with your family names or special messages of gratitude and thanks.

For those who may like to indulge in a little ‘festive spirit’ as part of your Thanksgiving celebrations, some engraved bar blade bottle openers or engraved mini hip flasks may come in handy – just make sure they have a hangover preparedness kit on hand!

Cheese Board and Knife Ste 

Personal Traditions 

As well as an opportunity to consider what you are truly grateful for in your own life, Thanksgiving gives us the chance to connect with our closest friends and family members and create own our unique traditions that can be passed down from one generation to the next. 

Whether it’s a walk through the park after lunch, a game of cards or a sporting activity, families that establish their own special traditions make Thanksgiving a time to reinforce and strengthen their bonds and give their Thanksgiving celebrations a completely unique feel. This keeps families returning together, as these special traditions can’t quite be replicated anywhere else. 

If you don’t already have your own personal Thanksgiving traditions, think about what types of activities family members enjoy and establish your activities around those. Or in true democratic tradition – provide several options and put it to a vote to see which activities prove most popular with the home crowd.


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