Who you choose for the all-important job of standing by your side on your wedding day can have a direct impact on your happiness and the smooth running of your celebrations. And we’re not talking ‘bout your groom!

Bride Squad. Wedding Friends. ‘I Do’ Crews. Bride Minions. Matrimony Homies. Whatever term of endearment you choose to give the members of your bridal party, they play a very important role in successfully guiding you on your journey toward wedded bliss.

Not only do they need to be by your side on your big day, but their role in getting you to the aisle – the months of planning, preparation, procrastination and Bridezilla-sized tantrums – makes it essential that you pick the right people.

I do crew

The bridal party proposal

Proposing to your bridal party is an important first step in setting the scene for how the rest of this whole wedding experience may pan out. You want to do it in a way that is quirky, memorable and fun, but also recognizes the importance of the occasion and the request you’re making.

So, whether you want to pop these critical questions individually or as a group, proposing to your bridal party is an essential first step. Some fun and funky ideas include:

  • Cakes, sweets or macarons with decorative icing to pop the question – food-obsessed friends will love this.
  • Go for a communal manicure and tell them you think they’d really ‘nail it’ as a member of your ‘I Do’ Crew.
  • Get them super parched and then present them with a Bridal Party Engraved Stainless Steel Thermo Sports Drink Bottle to prepare them for the big day.

Journey to the aisle

No wedding journey is complete without a few hiccups along the way. There may be tears, there may be tantrums, there will most certainly be laughter and a high probability of hilarity.

You will rely heavily on these the members of your bridal party in the leadup to your wedding day. They will be your co-conspirators, your trusted advisors and your closest confidantes. Just remember not to stretch the friendship too thin during this time. While it’s their job to be there for you, remember they still have lives outside of your wedding (shock, horror!) and may from time to time need a reprieve from the hysteria.

best friends

The BIG day

Word to the wise: assign specific roles to each of your bridal party members to cover their areas of expertise on the day of the wedding. If each person has their assigned jobs, there won’t be any confusion to add to the chaos and this will help things run smoothly.

HOT TIP: Ask your Chief Bridesmaid, Head Honcho, Maid-of-Honor, to bring along a kit of essential emergency items eg. bobby pins, deodorant, tissues, band aids, chargers etc as a ‘just in case’ on the day.

And a tip for the boys: don’t show up with the groom too hungover for his matrimonial moment.

Bridal Party

Saying thank you

When the last of the buttercream crumbs have been licked clean and the dance floor is no longer jumping, don’t forget to say a sincere thank you to those who have been beside you all the way.

Some couples like to express their appreciation prior to the big event, while others prefer to wait until after the honeymoon to reminisce and reflect on the big event. Whatever your time frame, make sure you say thank you with sincerity to the members of your Matrimonial Mob Squad who made your big day possible. Check out our inspo below.

For the ladies:

Deluxe broad

And the gents:

Hip Flask

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