Christmas: we know it’s the season to be merry, but is it also the perfect time for you to say ‘I do’? With holiday-themed weddings now trendier than ever, we look at simple, classic ways to incorporate a little Halloween, Easter or Yuletide spirit into your big day.

Let us blow your mind for a second: a holiday-themed wedding doesn’t have to be as over-the-top as a five-year-old’s rainbow My Little Pony birthday party. It’s not all just ugly Christmas sweaters for the bridesmaids, or carved jack-o-lanterns as table centerpieces.


In fact, a holiday-themed wedding can take some of the stress out of planning your big day, because when you get married on a holiday, you’ve got a color palette, style and atmosphere already established.

And yes, it is possible to have a classy themed wedding – all you’ll need are a few unexpected nods to the holiday you’re celebrating. Here are four of the biggest holidays on the wedding planner’s calendar, with some simple décor details that will have a huge impact.

  1. 1.    A spooky-ooky-kooky Halloween
Halloween balloons

For a Halloween wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the gothic vibe – we’re talking black candelabra, neon orange decorations and skeletons hanging from the ceiling – but a celebration held on 31 October calls for a balance of pretty and spooky.

Steer clear of the decorations from your local $2 shop, and instead, take inspiration from the glamorous part of the dark side. Go for a gold, white and diamond palette, and make sure you stock up on lots (and lots) of candles. Set your wedding scene aglow with a delightful Birdcage Tealight Candle Holder with Wooden Gift Tag for every guest.


It’s also the perfect time to celebrate one of the best parts of Halloween – trick or treating! Every wedding attendee loves a sugar hit, so opt for a lolly bar for guests to nibble at throughout the night, and then send them home with a Mini Hessian Burlap with a Personalized Wooden Gift Tag filled with your favorite candy!


  1. 2.    Some bunny loves Easter

Easter is already a time of celebration for many people, and brings with it thoughts of rebirth, renewal and new adventures. It’s also the most holiday-heavy month on the calendar, so no doubt your guests will be relaxed and ready to party, too.

Easter-themed nuptials call for a lighter color palette: think pastels, nudes and baby hues. And while being heavy handed with the bunnies and chickens might be a little too ‘cutesy’, you can easily tie it all together with your food and beverage options.

This is the ideal time to delve head-first into your love of chocolate: think death-by-double-layer mud cake decorated with edible, spring-fresh flowers, and ensure you include hot cross buns and mini eggs in your lolly bar. 

Include a nod to the Easter season, by customising your own Easter-inspired designs on wedding favor koozies for every guest.


  1. 3.    Christmas: ‘Tis the season to be married

Nothing says Christmas like twinkly fairy lights, so be sure these are front and center as you decorate your venue.

For your dress, choose soft, lacy designs that will make you look like you’re gliding down the aisle, and add a little bit of ‘snowflake’ bling to your dress, your ears or your hair. Make nods to the Yuletide season by incorporating mini pinecones, berries or ivy in your wedding bouquet, and dress your bridesmaids in dark-red dresses.

Finally, help your bridal party survive the festive season with Bridal Party Printed Hangover Kits. Or you might even extend this seasonal goodwill to all of your guests, with a Wedding Favor Hangover Kit to give those who overindulge a helping hand the next day.

Hangover kits

  1. 4.    Love is always in the air on Valentine’s Day

You’ve found the partner of your dreams, so there’s no better day to spread the l-o-v-e than by getting married on Valentine’s Day. It would be easy to get carried away with the thought of pink confetti and all-red everything, but hold your (white, majestic) horses: smaller, more romantic touches are the order of the decorating day.

Make sure hearts are a-flutter by serving romantic cocktails like the ‘True Love’s Kiss’, or offer strawberries and champagne. Of course, roses and flickering candles are a must-have on every table, along with romantic details including Love Bottle Openers with Personalized Wooden Gift Tags, Personalized Silver Heart Keyring Bottle Opener Wedding Favors or Engraved Wooden Wedding Heart Place Cards.

heart keyring

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