Budgeting for your wedding can be a stressful experience, as unexpected costs seem to occur at every step. To avoid being out of pocket after your big day, we uncover six hidden wedding expenses to watch out for:

Wedding Budget

1. Wedding entertainment
Clearly communicate with your wedding entertainers about what exactly their quote covers. Many bands and DJs will quote for their time and expertise, but leave out extra costs including hiring of specific music, sound or electrical equipment. Be clear on what they provide and you supply to avoid unexpected extras.

2. Dress alterations and accessories
Your dream dress may have just scraped in under your desired dress budget, so don’t get caught out by forgetting to factor in additional costs including alterations and accessories. Depending on your seamstress, dress alterations can add significant $$$ to your budget. Also, make sure to include veils, shoes, jewellery and appropriate undergarments in your wedding dress spend.

3. Surprise venue costs
Don’t get stung by surprise venue costs. If your venue quote doesn’t include items such as cake-cutting, corkage or post-wedding clean up fees, raise these questions before the big day, as these seemingly innocent extras can significantly increase the cost of your venue if not included in your package.

4. Overtime
Professionals including entertainers, photographers and sometimes even celebrants mostly charge their time by the hour—and things don’t always go to plan. If there is a holdup or delay for any reason on the big day, find out what you’re up for beforehand if your vendors are required to stay longer.


Wedding Dress Fittings

5. Bride, groom and vendors
Don’t forget to include vendor meals and refreshments in your wedding day budget. It’s expected that you will provide food and drink for many of your professional vendors if they are a part of your wedding celebrations for more than three to four hours.

Also, remember to include yourselves in your final tally. Ironically, many couples forget to include the bride and groom as guests who will need to be fed and watered at their own reception.

Always include a contingency fund in your wedding day budget to act as a buffer for ‘unforeseen events.’ This could include: the last-minute bridesmaids’ dresses you purchased online when your originals didn’t arrive on time; the marquee you hired due to the downpour forecast for your outdoor ceremony; or the additional bar tab you set-up when the drinks ran out at 9pm.

Weddings are notorious for unforeseen events that in turn create unforeseen expenses. So always have a little up your sleeve for a rainy day (or other wedding dilemmas).

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 Wedding Costs

By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

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