2017’s Top Wedding Cake Trends

Like all good wedding trends, wedding cakes come in and out of style faster than an Elizabeth Taylor marriage

license (eight marriages in total)! So, we take a look at the top trends so far in 2017 to share a slice of the on-trend


1. Succulents

Although a staple of the desert landscape, this is something you wouldn’t usually associate with a wedding dessert.   

The combination of stunning succulents and rustic wedding cakes

is proving a match made in wedding heaven.Sometimes referred

to as terrarium cakes, these mouth-watering masterpieces involve

an indulgent amount of sugar and frosting delicately shaped into

realistic looking succulents. Complete with customized

wooden cake topper, and you have yourself the hottest 

wedding cake this side of 2017!

2. Metallic

Metallic continues to top wedding trend lists across an assortment

of areas– from bridesmaids’ dresses to reception décor – and still score highly

on the wedding cake front. From glowing pearl luster to edible gold leaf, these glamazons of the

wedding cake establishment are front runners for big style and sensory sophistication.                

We recommend including hand painted elements and a show stopping cake topper for maximum impact.

3. Inspired by nature

Well suited to the trend toward rustic, country or home-style weddings, these delicious desserts draw inspiration from

 their surroundings. A close cousin to another on trend wedding cake – the

Botanica – real flowers, twigs, berries and foliage complement intricate

sugar designs to rival a woodland wonderland. From tree trunks to rustic

wreaths,these cakes are best adorned with a whimsical wooden cake


4. Geodes

In a spectacular replica of one of nature’s greatest accomplishments, geode

wedding cakes are created by carving away cake portions and decorating

thesubsequent cavity with multi-sized, textured crystallized sugars to represent the crystals naturally occurring in

such cavities.

Cakes can also be decorated with edible ‘crystals’ surrounding the main masterpiece. Undoubtedly striking, these

cutting-edge cakes are perfect for modern weddings and with the various textures on display, only a spectacular silhouette cake topper will do.

5. Patterns

From the simple to the extravagant, patterned cakes are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Whether they be

multi-colored or monochromatic – patterns add drama and design to your

wedding dessert. Elements including gold filigree and edible printed wafers

are popular choices, while geometric cut- outs and shaped cake tools are

an ideal way to create an eye- catching, on trend design. As for the ideal

cake topper, the only match for monochrome is a customized monogram. 

A Slice of the Action
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By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalized Favors. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favors that are truly unique.

Images Sourced From Pinterest and Personalized Favors